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Thistle from Thumpertown, A Curious Woodland Gnome

I've been learning to make wooden carved puppets over the past couple of months through an online Foundation Course of Puppet Mastery by Bernad Ogrodnik of Iceland. A great international class and so much fun.

Introducing Thistle, a little woodland gnome from Thumpertown, who is ready for a story. He is a curious little guy.

Thistle came about as a happy memory of my vacation days in Eastham in Cape Cod, MA. Annually for 10 years, I had rented a little cottage next to Campground Beach in Eastham. On my daily walks along the seashore, I would often veer off one sandy path onto another path leading to yet another beach, or to a trail for a tucked away forested area or a dirt road leading to a quaint neighborhood.

One such path took me to an intersection of little dirt roads with whimsical names handprinted on a painted rustic wooden sign. Brambles, brush and thistles surrounded the intersection of this painted sign. Often a bunny, chipmunk, a bird or two could be seen or heard in the thicket. I could imagine a friendly gnome making his home there. Thus, the name Thistle came to mind as a little childhood friend who was curious and helpful in his part of the world. Thumpertown is both the name of a road and a beach in this magical part of Eastham, Cape Cod.

I'm sure Thistle has stories to share as he cheerfully wanders the woods curiously exploring the natural environment and meeting his neighbors. Though he does often get covered with moss, lichen and bits of berries as he explores the thicket groves.

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