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Course: Miniature Horses StoryTale Courses, Ages 6 to 9 

Storytelling Arts in Education:

Puppetry and storytelling classes for young children and their caregivers

Classes embrace children's social and emotional well-being


  • Children ages Six to Nine with their caregiver


  • Equine Facilitated Wellness Literacy Program


  • Teacher's Home Studio and Farm


  • First round up: Typically offered over 2 weeks, once a week for 2 hours

  • Ongoing: Typically offered in 4 to 8 week blocks, once a week, 90 minutes


  • Horses assist people in reflecting on how we approach relationships, learning, and challenges

  • Storytelling enhances speech and language development, builds listening and attention skills

  • Puppetry is welcoming, inclusive and contributes to social connectivity and community

  • Emotional Social Learning (ESL) promotes self-management, social awareness and responsible decision-making


  • Pods of up to 2 students with their caregiver

  • Play based learning for language engagement

  • Miniature horse herd for sharing experiences, unmounted equine activities

  • Stories, rhymes, songs, puzzles and games

  • Puppets, puppet stage construction and crafts


  • Student will experience language development through sensory integration, mind, body and soul 

  • Student will utilize oral and written language to increase literacy fluency and develop imagined stories

  • Student will create, prepare and perform envisioned worlds

  • Student's self-confidence will increase as a result of participation in course

Skills Taught

  • Equine welfare and care

  • Imagine and develop storytelling ideas with language to describe feelings, people, objects and events

  • Lean into trust, exploration and courage through the process of creation and sharing

  • Learn how to collaborate with others in order to create, prepare and perform stories

  • Experiment with different ways of communicating story meanings

  • Building techniques to craft and present a variety of puppet forms and staging

  • Gain information and technology skills through researching and producing stories

  • Explore fairness, justice and ethics with regards to story conflict, copyright and public domain works.


  • Program is provided at no charge to families

  • As a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we welcome donations, sponsorships, contributions and seek grant funding

Teacher Credentials and Qualities

  • Sandy Kerns, MEd., MSW, LCSW

  • Master of Science Degree in Educational Leadership, Masters of Science Degree in Social Work and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Equine Facilitated Wellness Mental Health, Learning and Equine Professional, Horse Powered Reading® Certified Facilitator

  • 38 year combined teaching counseling career in educational, community and private practice settings

  • 18 year combined equine education, training, and horse care experience

  • A caring teacher sensitive to the needs of students

  • Class atmosphere of respect, motivation and joy

  • A teacher that holds thoughtful space for student's development at their own pace


                                                                                 Please contact us for registration information and group dates

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