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Storytelling Arts in Education

Puppet Programs for Early Childhood

A Story Shop: Bringing Stories to Life For Young Children offers well-rounded storytelling and puppet programs of high-quality for families and children with classes that embrace children's social and emotional well being.

Puppet Tales for Children, Ages 6 to 9

   Children age Six to Nine and their caregiver

Puppet Tales for Children, Ages 4 to 5

  Children age Four to Five and their caregiver

Our passion for the role of stories, puppets, music and crafts has inspired us from the beginning, and guides our vision for program creation. We at A Story Shop know that family time and resources matter, we strives to make our small group classes as rewarding and fun as possible.

Explore our programs  and get in touch with questions or requests.  You will find detailed descriptions for each program by clicking on the subtitles beneath the Puppet Programs title menu bar.

Art and Craft
Puppet Programs for Early Childhood: About Us
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