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Course: Puppet Tales for Children, Ages 6 to 9 

Storytelling Arts in Education:

Puppetry and storytelling classes for young children and their caregivers

Classes embrace children's social and emotional well-being

Who     Children ages Six to Nine with their caregiver

What    Bringing stories to Life for Young Children

Where  Teacher's Home Studio and Online

When   Typically offered in 4 to 8 week blocks, once a week, 90 minutes


  • Storytelling enhances speech and language development, builds listening and attention skills

  • Puppetry is welcoming, inclusive and contributes to social connectivity and community

  • Emotional Social Learning (ESL) promotes self-management, social awareness and responsible decision-making


  • Pods of up to 3 students

  • Gather weekly for course participation

  • Various weekly time blocks available

  • Student assigned to one time block/cohort 

  • Project based learning


  • Student will utilize oral and written language to develop imagined stories

  • Student will create, prepare and perform envisioned worlds

  • Student's self-confidence will increase as a result of participation in course

Skills Taught

  • Imagine and develop storytelling ideas with language to describe feelings, people, objects and events.  

  • Lean into trust, exploration and courage through the process of creation and sharing. 

  • Learn how to collaborate with others in order to create, prepare and perform stories.

  • Experiment with different ways of communicating story meanings.

  • Building techniques to craft and present a variety of puppet forms and staging.  

  • Gain information and technology skills through researching and producing stories.  

  • Explore fairness, justice and ethics with regards to story conflict, copyright and public domain works.


Program is provided at no charge to families

Teacher Credentials and Qualities

  • Sandy Kerns, MEd., MSW, LCSW

  • Master of Science Degree in Educational Leadership, Masters of Science Degree in Social Work and Licensed Clinical Social Worker

  • 37 year combined teaching counseling career in educational, community and private practice settings

  • A caring teacher sensitive to the needs of students

  • Class atmosphere of respect, motivation and joy

  • A teacher that holds thoughtful space for student's development at their own pace

                                                                                 Please contact us for registration information and group dates

Puppet Tales for Children, Ages 6 to 9: About Us
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