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Course:  The Crafty Puppet Makers, Ages 5 to 6

Storytelling Arts in Education: Nurturing Early Childhood Language 

Puppetry and storytelling classes for young children and their caregivers

Classes embrace children's social and emotional well-being


  • Children ages Five to Six and their caregiver


  • Bringing Stories to Life for Young Children


  • Teacher’s Home Studio, Public Library and Online 


  • Classes typically held twice during one month, once each quarterly season



• Storytelling enhances oral speech, hearing, and language development. A child begins to attach meaning to words and sounds, gains the ability to discern language and develops a working vocabulary.

• Puppetry is welcoming, inclusive, inspires awe and contributes to shared universality.

• Emotional Social Learning (ESL) promotes engaging with others, developing empathy and regulating emotions.


• Group sizes range from 4 - 8 children, an adult family member participates with each child

• Sharing stories, making puppets, building puppet stages and creating puppet play

• Cooperative and interactive play-based, supported with story prose, rhyme, song speech and movement


• Support the refinement of language development in the adult brain and in the brain of young child

• Develop protective factor of resilience through attachment and relationship between adult and child

• Build a child’s mental imagery through pretend play and utilizing active imagination

Skills Taught

• Develop voice for storytelling to build warmth, wonder, and meaning through heart-felt sharing

• Learn ways to promote, support and protect the hearing of young children

• Lean into trust, exploration and courage through the process of imitation and creation

• Build adult’s confidence for incorporating storytelling and puppetry in the home

• Explore techniques for puppet crafting and sharing a variety of puppet forms and staging

• Utilize storytelling as an educational vehicle for learning action equals consequences


  • Programs are priced per class, typically averaging $18 per class

  • As a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we welcome donations, sponsorships, contributions and seek grant funding

Teacher Credential and Qualities

• Sandy Kerns, MEd, MSW, LCSW

• Master of Science Degree in Educational Leadership, Master of Science Degree in Social Work and Licensed Clinical Social Worker

• 37 year combined teaching counseling career in educational, community, and private practice settings

• A caring teacher sensitive to the needs of children and their families

• Class atmosphere of respect, motivation and joy

• A teacher that holds thoughtful space for child’s development at their own pace


Please contact us for registration information and group dates.

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