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Storytelling Arts In Education

Sandy has a 38 year combined teaching and counseling career in educational, community and private practice settings. She holds a Master of Science Degree in Educational Leadership and a Master of Science Degree in Social Work.  She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Sandy also has 18 years combined equine education, training and horse care experience.  As a Tri Certified Pro-EFW practitioner, Sandy, along with an ongoing team of mentorship professionals, is dedicated to offering equine services with national best practice standards through the Professional Association of Equine Facilitated Wellness as a 1) Mental Health Professional (MHP), 2) Equine Facilitated Learning Professional (EFLP) and 3) Equine Professional (EP).


Sandy brings a deep professional richness to working with children and families.  She is a caring teacher sensitive to the needs of students. Sandy provides a class atmosphere of respect, motivation and joy.  She holds thoughtful space for a student's development at their own pace. Sandy is passionate about the role of imagination and play in childhood development.

A love of stories was instilled early on in childhood for Sandy as her Grandma Kerns, her father's mother, would rock Sandy in a big wooden rocking chair while sharing nursery rhymes and children's stories.  Grandma Kerns also introduced Sandy to her first type of puppets, paper doll sets.  

Sandy lives in Alaska with her spouse and animal companions along with wildlife and waterfowl on 10 acres of woodland, meadows and her beloved pond.  When she is not engaging with her three miniature horses or four dogs, Sandy enjoys alpine hiking, lakeside strolls and theater performances. Outside of Alaska, her favorite places include Cape Cod, MA, Cannon Beach, OR and her childhood family farm in Urich, MO. Abroad, Scotland's Isle of Iona holds special meaning for Sandy.

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