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Introducing Memories with Maribelle

Back in April 2020 I began crafting little rhymes and stories about a young girl named Maribelle who shares adventures with her fox friend Beatrice. Some of the stories are loosely based upon my childhood experiences at home on the family farm in Missouri. Other original stories are adapted from my experiences on the farm in Alaska and my seaside travels throughout the years. Memories with Maribelle aspires to evoke feelings of lightness and offers listeners a glimpse into tiny details that can foster imagination. The stories are simple, short (often just 2-4 minutes), and can be shared across ages. Listen here for a simple tale:

Many thanks to Belgium artist, Myra Couleurs, and her muse Mon Amie Luce, for creating Maribelle as an American friend for A Story Shop. Myra worked from her own inspiration and from a photo of myself on the Alaskan farm to bring Maribelle to life. The name Maribelle is a blend of Latin for Mary "star of the sea" and French for Belle, "beautiful". Maribelle's fox friend's name, Beatrice, is derived from Italian/French and means "she who brings happiness".

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