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Finding Inspiration for Lighthouse Puppet Plays

This past April 2021, I started working on developing lighthouse stories featuring lighthouse keeper families and their children based upon research from educational programs from the National Wildlife Refuge and Girl Scouts for earning Junior Ranger Badges and Girl Scouts Lighthouse Badges. I volunteer with both organizations.

I was quite happy to have come across this book, Hannah: The Lighthouse Girl of Newfoundland when I was scouting out travel information for a trip to Newfoundland. I immediately ordered a hard copy of the book and connected with the author, Donald Ladolcetta.

I’ve finished reading Hannah’s engaging story and now am making my way back through the book to target a few passages that would translate well for children’s puppetry.

Thank you Donald Ladolcetta for permission to highlight your work and adapt chapter segments for puppetry with children. I look forward to targeting August 7, National Lighthouse Day, for sharing story vignettes with tabletop stages and puppets.

Excited to keep the light burning for young children in discovering significant historical times and finding role models who exemplify courage, curiosity and compassion.

I have crafted a rod puppet character named Kathryn along with a tabletop lighthouse scene constructed with paper mache clay. I have started construction on a keeper’s house and will bring a passage from Hannah’s story to life in the house as acted out by Kathryn.

Credit for storytelling inspiration from book segments attributed to Donald Ladolcetta. Book available for purchase through Amazon and local bookstores.

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